Distribution Center

In our constant search for offering quality services, LIBERTAD S.A. follows a policy of suppliers’ centralization. To this end, it has a Distribution Center in Cordoba City, which manages three types of logistics:


Stock: permanent stock products at the Distribution Center (D.C.), are readily available so that our providers can send them to our points of sale.


•Cross-Docking with distribution: The supplier submits one purchase order to the D.C. and this centre immediately distributes all the products to the points of sale.


Direct Cross-Docking:the supplier submits the purchase orders for each point of sale with the corresponding bill and the D.C. is in charge of delivering the goods the same day.-


The most suitable  methodology is applied according to the type of product sold by each supplier.

  Collaborative Efficiency Program

This program strives to achieve efficiency based on working together with all of the stakeholders. In a scenario where demand has substantially decreased, a reduction in costs and an increase in sales would become a common objective.
To reach these objectives, the participation of almost all areas of the company is needed (customer/ supplier), so as to maintain a constant flow of goods from the Supplier