Our Business

Since it was conceived, Libertad has been a pioneer business playing a leading role in its field, with innovation at the core of its business strategy. From the very beginning, it has provided avant-garde services with added value, introducing new concepts in the marketing of mass-consumed products which improve the quality of life of the people of Argentina. Our history begins in 1993; when we opened the first hypermarket in the interior of the country in Tucumán Province, and then our business went on to expand to become the first Hypermarket chain in the country’s interior. Ultimately, our business gained greater impetus when the Groupe Casino bought the chain in 1998.

North: We are for the customer

We work from the client to the organization. We stand with him. So place it in the north of our business model.
The diversity of their tastes, their needs, their habits, their lifestyles require us to meet each day more accurately. We are able to listen to and understand a world that is always changing to give more value and satisfaction.






We believe in the timeless character of our 4 core values ​​and share these to cope with permanent changes in our marketplace. We have a deep respect for the individual, we are dedicated to excellence, always aiming for innovation and creativity, research, product development and redesign of processes permanently.




Its history dates back to 1986 with a carrier and sugar company that operated out of a small warehouse. It started as a small business with three employees and selling 130 products. A year later there were 150 employees marketing over 1,000 different products.


In 1989 the first wholesale supermarket of Córdoba city was opened, covering 2,500 square meters, on Libertad Street, which gave the name to the new venture.


From then on, it began to grow steadily which was reflected in the opening of other 8 hypermarkets, in different locations around the country:


1990 store on Route 9 – Córdoba City
1993 San Miguel de Tucumán – First hypermarket in the interior of the country. The format of a shopping centre was first instituted.
1994 First Hypermarket in Córdoba City– Libertad Street 1996 Hipermercado Libertad – Estación Rodríguez del Busto
1996 Branch in Chaco
1997 Branch in  Santiago del Estero
1997 Sabatini Branch – Córdoba
1997 Second branch in Tucumán


In addition to this growth in Cordoba and Tucuman Provinces, new commercial structures are added including the selling of goods,  recreation, and entertainment. With Hiper Casa, Apetito, Planet stores, including a children’s playground it became the first Hypercentre of Argentina.


Libertad SA, having been part of Groupe Casino since 1998, continues to grow opening of new branches throughout the country.
1999 Branch in San Juan – It also opens the Holiday Inn Hotel.
2000 Branch in Rosario, a Branch in Salta and a Branch in Mendoza.
2001 Branch in Posadas, the second Branch in Mendoza

In the last decade, more precisely in 2008, Libertad SA opened two new commercial ventures: Paseo Rivera Indarte, located in the area with increased growth of Cordoba City. And Paseo Villa Maria, located in the southern part of the province.