Real Estate Development

Our commercial real estate development in Argentina includes 15 branches in 9 provinces, Córdoba, Tucumán, Santiago, Salta, Santa Fe, Chaco, Mendoza, San Juan and Posadas.


At present it is the major operator of the interior of the country, and the 3rd at a national level with over 1000 rented units in its portfolio. Commercial centers have a specialized Tennat MIX that encompasses all types of goods and services following strategic criteria. This concept involves a wide array of commercial items offering the most widely recognized brands at a national level of clothes, toy business, household goods, decoration, gifts, gastronomy, cinemas with 28 rooms, entertainment center, and many services that offer facilities to pay taxes and utilities as well as car related services.
The competitive advantage of our business is that every commercial centre has a Libertad Hypermarket as the central store providing a wide arrays of offers, all of this adds up to a unique concept in the national market.