Established in 1898, the Casino Group is one of the major distribution companies at a global level, it is found throughout Europe, America, Asia and the Indian Ocean. It operates using several formats related to retail in 10 countries. Today, Casino Group has 10,000 stores, 423 hypermarkets, 2,232 supermarkets, 683 discount stores, 6,751 similar businesses and 894 assorted activities, such as restaurants.


It has more than 208,000 employees in France, Holland, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Thailand.
Casino has been in Argentina since 1998, under Libertad.




opening of the first branch in Veauche (Loire, France)
Founding of the Sociedad de las Tiendas Casino by Geoffroy Guichard


Launching of the first products under the Casino brand


Opening of the first service free branch in Saint-Etienne


Opening of the first supermarket in Grenoble
The group hires 2,900 people


Opening of the first hypermarket in Marseille La Valentine


Acquisition of the Franprix– Leader Price Chain
The Group becomes the second French integrated distribution network.
Casino joins with Monoprix to purchase Prisunic and takes control of the 21.4% of the newly formed group.


Beginning of international expansion: Argentina, Uruguay, Taiwan, Colombia, Brazil (1999), Venezuela (2000).


Strategic Alliance between Casino and La Fayette Galleries to hold over 90% of Monoprix. Enter into the capital of CDiscount.


Creation and take public of Mercialys society, the real estate company of the Group.


Focus of the Group on the areas of greater growth, in South East Asia and South America.


Retaking of Franprix and Leader Price operational management.


Our team spirit


All of us, men and women of the Casino Group, are united by the same values and commitments. Everyday we strive to be the following:


WINNERS. We take interest of new consumption trends of society. We are open and always be alert as to the new needs and expectations of consumers, we are creative, enthusiastic, entrepreneurs and innovative to constantly expand our horizon.


LOYAL. We care about the people and we keep our word. We combine professionalism with good cohabitation.


DEMANDING. We operate in a dynamic and concrete manner, therefore, we can act with precision and adapt to each situation, within the company and with our customers. We strive to be successful, take our responsibilities seriously, and evaluate our results.


SOLIDARITY. We are committed to the Group and each of its activities, cooperation and team spirit are of prime importance to ensure success in our actions. Our management is supportive of its teams. Commitment  is the core of our sustainable development campaign.

These are the KEYS to our team Spirit.


Grupe Casino in the World


Because diversity is at the core of our strategy, we respect the culture of the countries where we set up establishments, the local production practices, the loyalty of customers to the shops and the brands that they are familiar with.


Thus, we develop in markets with strong growth, benefiting from the experience and expertise of local teams. Our trend in each country is not only economic but also social, always within the framework of a sustainable development-oriented management.


The group has a Leadership or co-leadership  position in Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, and Brazil.


Hypermarket: Exito
Supermarket: Carulla, Éxito, Éxito Express, Carulla Express, Ley.
Discounts: Surtimax


Hypermarket: Éxito
Supermarket: Cada


Hypermarket: Géant
Supermarket: Disco, Devoto.


Hypermarket: Extra
Supermarket: Pão de Açúcar, Sendas, Extra Perto, Compre Bem, Extra Facil.
Discounts: Assei.
Superette: Extra Fácil.
Store specializing in home appliances and furniture: Ponto Frio, Casas Bahia, Extra Eletro




Hypermarket: Géant Casino
Supermarket:Casino Supermarchés, Monoprix, Franprix, Leader Price.
Discounts: Leader Price.
Superette: Petit Casino, Vival, Spar y Casino Shopping



Indian Ocean
Hypermarket: Jumbo
Supermarket: Store, Jumbo
Discount: Cash and Carry
Superette: Spar.


Proximity Store: Mini Big C
Supermarket, Big C
Shop specializing in wellness products and health: Pure


Hypermarket: Big C

Supermarket: New Cho


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